Photo of outdoors scene A celebration of spanking al fresco

Men-an-Tol, Cornwall, UK

The Land's End peninsula is littered with standing stones, burial mounds and other Palaeolithic remains. Men-an-Tol is a puzzling monument, with a central holed stone flanked by two others. Angie and I were there on a fine day in mid-winter, and had the place to ourselves – or so we thought. Since there was no-one around to take photographs, Angie's caning sadly went unrecorded. But I did at least manage to record how well she presented herself for it.

Then as we left we found that the place was not as isolated as we had thought. A young couple appeared from behind a stone not 20 yards away. There’s not much you can do when that happens: we greeted them cheerily and went on our way. We’ll never know how much they saw.