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In case you haven't realised, Angie publishes under the name of Fiona Locke. She recently finished her second book, On the Bare, and it will be published in the UK in April 2009 and in the USA in June 2009. Buy it at, or

On the Bare

Angie's first book was the best-selling Nexus book of 2007 and 2008: read its reviews and buy it at, or

Over the Knee

A Gondola Ride, CO, USA
3 images
Athabasca Glacier, Canadian Rockies
4 images
Garden of the Gods, CO, USA
9 images
Hollywood, CA, USA
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Men-an-Tol, Cornwall, UK
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Saguaro National Park, AZ, USA
5 images
Warkworth Castle, UK
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White Sands, NM, USA
8 images
Yellowstone National Park, USA
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